An integral part of the Bitrix24 ecosystem, My Drive is the place where you create, edit, and share any work-related files. Easily accessible from any device, integrated with Google Docs and Office 365, configurable access permissions - what more can a person want from their cloud storage?

Supercharge Your Teamwork

Bitrix24 Drive is everything you’d expect from a modern cloud storage service. One big difference is that it’s already integrated with the rest of the Bitrix24 tools, which means there’s no need to use a third-party app to store and manage your work-related files.


24/7 online or offline access from any device

Configurable access permissions

Safe and secure storage for all your data

Integrated with Office 365 and Google Docs

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Collaborate Any Place, Any Time

Using Bitrix24 Drive, you and your team can store important documents, edit them online together, and quickly share them not only across your team but also with external users. Create a group folder for your department or project and invite your teammates to collaborate online.

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Works Even Better With Bitrix24 Desktop App

Set up My Drive using the Bitrix24 desktop app and you will be able to synchronize your files and folders stored in the Bitrix24 cloud storage on your PC and the other way around.
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Integrated With the Tools Your Team Is Already Using

Bitrix24 Drive allows you to edit documents online via native integration with Google Docs, Office 365, or MS Office Online. If you already have some files stored on your Google Drive or Dropbox, you can easily connect it to your Bitrix24 Drive and migrate your files in just a few clicks.

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Access Permissions: You’re Always in Control

Certain files and folders in your company should not be accessible to everyone (e.g., accounting information or your top-secret project data). With Bitrix24 Drive, you can restrict access to such files and/or lock them to avoid accidental changes.


Real-Time Usage Stats and File Status Updates

No action will ever go unnoticed in Bitrix24 Drive. Any changes made to the files you manage will result in a notification, which includes the date and the name of the person who made such changes. Bitrix24 Drive will also show you how much free cloud space is available and suggest options for safe cleanup.

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Your Data Is 100% Secure. All the Time

We understand the importance of data security like no other company. Bitrix24 Drive security features include SSL-encrypted data transfer, daily backup, and version history/rollback. Our data centers are protected in accordance with SAS 70 Type II and conform to the Safe Harbor standard, which means the highest level of data security a civilian can get.