Knowledge base

A single place for you to store all your corporate knowledge and wisdom, Bitrix24 Knowledge Base can be easily edited and expanded by all your team members.

Multimedia center for corporate knowledge

Any kind of information will look good in your Bitrix24 Knowledge Base: how-tos, articles, check-lists, documentation, or any other type of content.

  • Keep your knowledge organized and easily accessible within the company
  • Save time and resources on training new employees
  • Share your experience with your colleagues in a simple and engaging way
  • Find any information you may need within a few seconds

May the knowledge be with you

People come and go, but knowledge must stay inside your company. Whether it’s work instructions, check-lists, or manuals, you can always store and edit them in your Bitrix24 Knowledge Base. Create as much content as you need and organize it in the most intuitive way.

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Easy to create, edit and share

The beauty of the Bitrix24 Knowledge Base is in its simplicity and template-based approach. Anyone can create a knowledge base in Bitrix24 - just pick a template and start filling it up with articles, images, videos, or other types of content. Edit on the go and see the changes apply instantly - no coding skills required whatsoever.


Configurable permission settings

You can restrict access to certain information by configuring permission settings - for a specific knowledge base or for all of them at once.

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Information that literally finds itself

All your corporate information is just a few clicks away in your Bitrix24 Knowledge Base. It gets even easier if you use our smart search that allows you to find a page or document within mere seconds.

Share your knowledge with external users

Create a beautiful web page filled with your content, enable external access and share this page with your partners or contractors. They can access your content without having to enter your Bitrix24 portal since the page will be stored on the domain.

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Useful data always at hand

Onboard and train new employees by allowing them to search for the most common questions in your knowledge base. You can even integrate some of the articles inside the relevant modules like CRM - e.g., how to work with deals and leads.


Discuss the articles via chat

You can create a separate chat for every knowledge base to discuss various matters related to it. The message history can be easily found later as the chat history is attached to the article it belongs to.

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Separate knowledge base for every project

Create a knowledge base with its own rules, algorithms, and other important information inside a workgroup. Everyone who’s participating in the project will get access to this knowledge base and can edit, share and discuss the content inside it.


Available on desktop or mobile

You can access your Bitrix24 Knowledge Base from any device and any place - whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the road.

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