Tasks and Projects

Designed for online collaboration and project management, this is the ultimate “get things done” tool from Bitrix24.

Set tasks and manage projects online.

From any device and any platform


Easy to set tasks and monitor deadlines

Plenty of methodologies to choose from: Kanban, Gantt chart, and more

Stay on top of your projects with task reminders and notifications

Intuitive navigation and smart search filters

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Ready, set, done!

Create tasks and manage deadlines with style and ease. In the office or on the go. From your laptop or smartphone.

Bitrix24 will always keep you notified of any project-related activity and help you focus on what’s really important.

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Mobile Tasks and Projects

Get our free mobile app to work with tasks and projects wherever you are - at home, in the office, or on the go.
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Make a task easier to complete by creating a few sub-tasks, each one with a responsible person and observer. Sort your sub-tasks by importance for easier navigation and tackle them one by one as you’re moving closer to completing the big task.

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So many ways to work with tasks

Choose the one that matches your project management style.

  • In the Planner mode, you move tasks manually from one stage to another
  • In the List mode, you can view tasks sorted by activity
  • In the Deadline mode, it’s easy to see which tasks require your immediate attention
  • Using the Gantt chart helps to understand the bigger picture and shows how tasks are related to each other
  • Using tags comes in handy when you need to quickly find a certain task or project

Different Roles in the Game of Tasks

Every task can have several people working on it, each with a different role and access permissions:

  • Responsible person (the one who actually does all the work)
  • Participant (helps the responsible person to complete their task)
  • Observer (monitors the task activity and steps in if required)

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Permission Settings in Tasks

You can set permissions for editing, delegating, creating, and deleting tasks - on both individual user and whole department levels. This makes online collaboration on large projects so much easier.



Run projects online and set access permissions for your team members. Share your projects with external users in just one click and connect them to your CRM.

Use a current project to create project templates that feature the same stages, responsible persons, online storage, and knowledge base.

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Dealing with a similar, recurring task over and over again? Create a task template and let the system run it for you automatically based on the custom parameters you set.


Task Automation

Choose a process you want to automate, set the automation rules, and let Bitrix24 handle it for you from there. Our robots will create new tasks, send emails, change the task status, and do so much more in a fully automatic mode.

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Tasks via Email

You can create a task for an external user via email, of which they will be notified and get access only to this particular task. A really helpful tool when you have to collaborate with someone outside your team without compromising the integrity of the project.


Efficiency and KPI

Use our tasks to monitor the efficiency of your employees and calculate their KPI. All the data is collected automatically - an ideal tool for a manager/supervisor.

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