Robotic Process Automation

Get more things done in less time with RPA. Automate any standard business process (document approval, purchase request, expense report, etc.) and save up to 80% of your time on completing routine tasks. RPA setup is super easy and takes less than 30 minutes, no coding skills required whatsoever.

Let the machines handle routine tasks for you

When we say “robots”, we actually mean pre-scripted algorithms that you can set up, customize and launch to automate a standard business process. Once you set them up, robots will take a document through all approval stages, assign tasks, send emails, or notify of an approaching deadline.

  • Easy to set up, no coding skills required
  • All the process stages are displayed on a single dashboard
  • Large selection of pre-set robots for common processes
  • Approve payments directly from your smartphone

Robots you can trust

When it comes to routine tasks and operations, humans can sometimes make mistakes. Robots, on the other hand, are 100% precise and always predictable. Once you set up an automated process, you can rest assured that it will run exactly the way you want it to.

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Robots at work, humans in charge

Monitoring an automated business process is really easy since all the details are shown on a single dashboard. You can clearly see which stage the process is currently in as it moves down the pipeline towards completion. If there’s something holding the process back, you will know immediately and can act accordingly.

Takes less than 30 minutes to set up

Using our intuitive visual editor, you simply have to list all the stages a document has to go through, what should happen at each stage and who the responsible person is. The rest is up to robots. No coding is required whatsoever, the whole thing is as easy as creating a social media profile.

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Lots of robots to choose from

There’s so much you can do with robots: they move processes down the pipeline automatically, send notifications, change the process fields, request additional info, or remind you of overdue tasks or rejected documents. We are constantly adding new possibilities to our robots and soon enough they will be able to send text messages to your clients, coordinate processes with tasks and CRM, and even more.


Automatic start for business processes

The next level of automation is when a process starts itself - after another process is finished or according to a schedule. This can be useful for paying recurring fees like monthly Internet bills.

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Quick discussion in the chat

Create a chat for everyone who’s involved in the process to quickly discuss and solve any problems that might arise.


Works for any business. Your business

No matter what your company does, you can still use RPA to achieve your goals faster. Even complicated, multi-stage processes can be easily automated using our intuitive visual editor.

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Easy to monitor and supervise

All process-related activity (approval stages, supervisors, etc.) is saved and stored in a single dashboard. No need to open every stage of a process to see the details and history - they’re all can be viewed from the dashboard.