Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence

A CRM is not a CRM without proper analytics tools, built-in and integrated to the point where you don’t have to set up anything. Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence gives you just that: comprehensive breakdown of all your marketing efforts and concrete data indicating how efficient your ads are.

Comprehensive analytics inside your CRM

Everything you wanted to know about your ads: actionable metrics, stats, ROI, and more.

  • Add your promotion channels and start collecting data instantly
  • Follow the client’s path from awareness to purchase
  • Marketing ROI calculated automatically
  • Seamlessly integrated into your CRM

Learn where your customers are coming from

Knowing the exact steps that led a customer to you is crucial to understanding their motivation. This knowledge is indeed power because you can easily see which ads are working better and thus optimize your marketing efforts.

With Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence, you can also learn your customer acquisition cost and ROI for each promotion channel.

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Every ad dollar is accounted for

Connect all your ad traffic sources to Bitrix24 Sales Intelligence in just a few clicks and start collecting marketing data right away!

Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, all the sites and stores you created in Bitrix24 as well as CRM forms - all these sources can be easily connected and tracked.

And if that’s not enough, you can also track some offline promotion channels like phone calls or print ads.


Advertising ROI reports

Get the full breakdown of your marketing spendings and see which promotion channels yielded the best results.

Your CRM will automatically show the money spent on each traffic source, how many new clients it generated, and which ones of them actually made a purchase. Comprehensive end-to-end analytics is generated in real time and is available for any custom period.

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Detailed analytics available for every deal

In addition to the general stats and numbers, our CRM can give you a detailed breakdown for every deal allowing you to track the client’s path all the way from awareness to purchase.

All the history of your interaction with a client as well as their contact details are stored in CRM for your convenience.


Employee performance report

If you’d like to know how efficient your sales reps are, our Sales Intelligence has the answer. You can analyze the ad traffic and see which sources have the highest deal conversion rate amongst your sales reps.

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