Bitrix24 Time Management

Every process has to start and end at a certain time, with a definitive goal to be achieved. And if you manage to track them all, you’re the king. Bitrix24 is the time management tool that allows you to track working hours, schedules, tasks, and so much more.

Online Time Clock

Managing your employees is so much easier when everyone can start/pause/finish their working day from their phones or laptops using an online time clock built into Bitrix24. This is especially helpful for remote teams where you can’t physically control if everyone’s at their desks.


No setup required

Available on any platform - desktop or mobile

Works automatically

Data can be used for wage calculation

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Absence Chart and Work Schedules

Bitrix24 allows you to manage sick leaves, overtimes, paid time off, and other types of absence through our Absence Chart. It is designed to track employees who are currently out of office for whatever reason - vacation, sick leave, business trip, PTO, or else.

Work Schedules is another great time management tool. In fact, we love using it ourselves for the Bitrix24 support team as they have to work in shifts to ensure 24/7 tech support worldwide.

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Task Time Tracking

Knowing how much time your employees spend on their tasks is crucial when it comes to assessing efficiency. With Bitrix24, you will know exactly how productive your employees are, which might help you to distribute the workload more evenly.

If you happen to employ hourly workers, Bitrix24 task time tracking will come in handy. Once a task has been set, you will receive all the notifications you need to follow the task progress and evaluate the final result.


Work Reports

No work can be deemed complete until the report is done. This is especially true for large teams of 20+ people, where the manager simply cannot watch over everyone’s back.

Bitrix24 gives you the ability to receive different kinds of work reports from your team members, all of which are customizable to your liking. Get daily, weekly, and monthly reports from your team members, accept or decline them, write your comments and notes, and evaluate employee performance by rating their work.

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Ideal for Remote Work

All of these time management tools have been designed with remote teams in mind. Used by 100,000+ organizations daily, they have stood the test of time, which still does not prevent us from improving them with every new release.

In addition to the time management tools, you also get individual and group chats, unlimited HD video calls (up to 48 participants), and cloud storage for creating, sharing, and editing project-related files.
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Time is money, they say. If Bitrix24 is proven to save time, it might as well save you some money - try for yourself! Get access to 30+ business and time management tools now.

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