21st Century Telemarketing Is Here

Call your clients directly from your CRM using nothing more than a headset and Bitrix24 Telephony. No additional equipment required, no additional software to install - just a bit of telemagic.

Make the Right Call. Everytime You Call

Why use a phone when you can get a whole call center for your business? Rent local phone numbers, create internal phone number extensions for your employees, set up call queuing and forwarding - all with Bitrix24 Telephony.


Make and receive calls 24/7

No additional equipment required

Integrated with your CRM

Cheaper than Skype or Zoom

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It Works Right Out of the Box

Already being a part of Bitrix24, our Telephony requires no additional software or hardware - just your laptop and a headset. Rent as many local numbers as you need to equip your sales team and start calling!

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Turn Cold Calling Into Hot Selling

Reach out to your clients in the most organic way - just give them a call from your local Bitrix24 phone number! As you’re speaking with a client on the phone, you can easily update their profile on the go in your Bitrix24 CRM and get ready to close the deal!


Our Telephony Is Happily Married. To Your CRM

Thanks to the integration with Bitrix24 CRM, every call you make or receive can be recorded and added to the respective deal card. Incoming calls are automatically forwarded to a sales rep responsible for a particular lead or client.

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Advanced Telemarketing Capabilities

There’s so much more you can do with Bitrix24 Telephony integration besides making calls. You can run an automatic dialer and call lists, install a callback widget on your website, send callback requests, use voice broadcasts and SMS texts - all to help you generate, qualify and nurture leads.


Voice-Based Marketing Automation

Bitrix24 Telephony is a complete VBMA suite capable of call tracking, call routing and forwarding, call screening, call transcription, call recording, and pretty much anything else that has the word “call” in it and can be automated.

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Smart Telephony for Exceptional Customer Service

Use Bitrix24 Telephony to provide outstanding phone-based customer service. Enable IVR (interactive voice response) to handle support calls more efficiently, use smart routing to distribute the workload more evenly, measure customer satisfaction via client call quality evaluation.


Switch to Bitrix24 VoIP and Keep Your Number

If you already have office/cloud PBX or can provide SIP-trunk, you can keep your current phone number and get Bitrix Telephony by renting a SIP-connector. Keep making free phone calls and pay just for the outbound calls at your current rates to your existing telephony provider. For more information, please check Bitrix24 Telephony pricing here.

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